Success Factors in Online Marketing #2 – Using Digital Channels with Strategy

In addition to conventional offline channels, many companies also support a large number of different digital channels in order to be broadly positioned and visible on the web as well. As the support of these channels is very time-consuming and expensive, however, only very few companies manage to meet all channels, which can quickly lead to the media budget being wasted in the mass of measures and several channels being quickly abandoned so that the desired success is missing. Therefore, it is mostly advisable to concentrate on a few channels and work on these in a focused manner.

Coordinate channels

To be able to select the correct channels, the mode of action and the interdependencies of channels and measures must be known. Not every channel is used by the target group and not every channel is equally suitable for the desired marketing goals. By co-ordinating certain channels, synergy effects can be achieved and a well-balanced mix of care-intensive and less high-maintenance channels helps to reduce the effort to a manageable level.

In order to be able to make well-founded cost-benefit considerations, marketers should deal intensively with the functions and goals of individual channels and instruments. This is the only way to decide in a professional and target-oriented manner which measures should be used for which purpose in the marketing mix.

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