Short & Sweet #4

Title Tag

In general one differentiates between the Title Tag of images and the Title Tag of a page. The Title Tag of an image or graphic is the title that is displayed when you hover the mouse over an image. The Title Tag of a page (also called a title element) is used to display the page title on the search result pages of search engines and to display it in the title bar and in the tabs of the browser.

Title Tags are especially important for search engine optimization, so that search engines can better understand and index the content of pages and images. Learn here how you can optimize your Title Tags.

Practical Tip on Title Tags:

The length of the title is not determined by the number of characters, but is calculated by Google on a pixel basis. The Title Tag can be displayed on a width of 600 pixels without being cut off. You can stick to the rule of thumb that the title should not have more than 70 characters.

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