Short & Sweet #3

OffPage Optimisation

Offpage optimization means improving page ranking in search results (SERPs) by optimizing external factors such as links.

Offpage optimization usually deals with links from other websites to your own site (backlinks). The higher the number of links set, the better the quality of the content and the thematic consistency of the linked website and the higher the domain trust (i.e. the seriousness and credibility) the better the reputation or the link popularity of your own site. Another goal of link building is to increase traffic. The following applies: Backlinks from heavily visited websites will attract more visitors. Another positive side effect of link building and the resulting increase in visitor numbers is the increase in user signals received by search engines. Positive user signals such as a long retention time, a low bounce rate and a high CTR can in turn have a positive effect on the ranking.

OffPage Optimisation in Practice

Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors and therefore indispensable for a good placement within the organic search results. However, your own influence is more limited, time-consuming and tedious than with on-page optimisation. Nevertheless links can be set and backlink partners can be won by own active effort. Basically it is always a matter of convincing an already established and successful site operator that it makes sense to set a link to your shop or your site. To achieve this, a good and suitable mix of different link building strategies should be found for the website. One should refrain from the so-called link purchase. Link building should always be as organic and natural as possible, check out the videos by Matt Cutts (Google).

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