Success Factors in Online Marketing #3 – Get the Basics Done

In addition to the conventional offline channels, many companies also support a large number of different digital channels in order to be as broadly positioned as possible. As the support of these channels is connected with a high time and cost factor, however, only very few companies manage to cater for all channels. This can quickly result in wasted media spendings, some channels being quickly abandoned and the desired successes failing. Therefore, it is usually advisable to concentrate on a few selected channels and work on them in a concentrated manner.

The Basis of Online Marketing

The interaction of design, usability, content and technology should not be underestimated. In the jungle of new SEO trends and tricks, you can quickly lose sight for the essentials. Furthermore, setting up a website properly and fulfilling the basics often requires a lot of hard work and time. Mostly the fruits of such efforts can then be harvested months later, which is often in direct conflict with the predominant (sales) pressure in companies. This usually leads to trade-offs which result in short-term and unsustainable measures. Search engine advertising budgets are increased, or more money is spent on email marketing to increase conversions or leads as quickly as possible. Such ad hoc measures can also be useful and helpful, at least in the short term, but it is important to ensure a good mix between short-term and long-term measures, such as the optimization of the technical basis, the improvement of usability or the creation of user-oriented content.

Only a balanced and coordinated mix of measures can lead to sustainable success and the highest possible ROMI. Find out in the next article how the right KPIs should be selected, interpreted and used.

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