Short and Sweet #5

Alt Tag

Alt Tag is the short form of alternative tag. It is also known as an alt attribute. The Alt Tag marks images and graphics within an HTML document and briefly describes the image content. The stored information can then be displayed as an alternative to the image or graphic. For example, if the source code of a website is called or if graphics and images are not automatically loaded when an e-mail is opened, the Alt Tag is displayed. It is therefore not visible to users in the normal website view.

Practical Tip on Alt Tags:

There are no restrictions on the length of an Alt Tag, but it is recommended to describe the image as concisely and precisely as possible. In the best case, the image content should only be understood by using the text of the Alt Tag.

The following questions will help you to check the quality of your Alt Tags:

  • Can the user (better) understand the image thanks to this description?
  • Is the keyword included in a meaningful way?
  • Do search engines understand the image content based on the description?

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