About Us

Unicorn, Hackathon, Product Thinking, Big Data, Fast Data, Gamification, Growth Hacking, Agile, Freemium, Pivoting, MVP, UXD, LTV, CAC, AI, VC…


Some buzzwords have established themselves around the hype of digitalization – it is not easy to keep track of things and make the right decisions.


Digital marketing is not rocket science, but you learn with every project. Together we have implemented over 60 projects for 27 companies. Here we share our experiences, ideas and tools with you.


Digital Recap should help you to recapitulate and understand, it should give you impulses, inspire, motivate and support you in your everyday life.


The range of topics is very broad and covers not only digital products and services but also the entire Customer Journey. It ranges from strategic marketing and digital brand management, design and UX to communication channels and tools.


Digital Recap – The online magazine for marketers who want to understand and not just repeat and copy.



  • works as project manager and management consultant in the digital unit of a leading agency
  • is responsible for consulting projects and classic web projects



  • is co-founder of the e-commerce start-up helmade.com
  • works as UX Designer and Concepter for various companies



  • heads the Digital Marketing Unit of a leading marketing and sales agency
  • worked for several years as a management consultant with a focus on brand management & digital marketing
  • is a juror in a funding programme for digital start-ups



  • works as project manager in business development for an international e-commerce payment provider
  • before that he worked as a management consultant with focus on brand management and touchpoint management